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Cedar Bot

Discord Users, How to Verify your wallet? 

To interact with the bot, head to the discord verification channel, then type in the slash "/" character. The bot will populate the list of available commands to choose from.

Steps to Verify

  1. Add new wallet using command

                             /wallet-add <$handle> or /wallet-add <yourAddress>

  1. The bot will show you  random ADA amount and the same address you entered.

  2. Send the exact amount of ADA from the wallet address you entered to the same wallet address. (Essentially, You are sending ADA from & to yourself on the same address).

  3. Wait 5-10 minutes. ⏱

  4. Send the bot the transaction ID confirming that you own this address. Use command /transaction-id <Transaction ID> 

  5. That's it, you are all set! 😍

Check Assets

You can also check your assets by running the command /assets-check

Check Roles

you can check what roles you have in the server by running /roles-check

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