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Early Bird

Untitled_Artwork 2.png

Wood Castle


₳ncient  |  Future

We build timeless art pieces with cutting edge technology in mind.

Woodworking is a very old trade that dates back to the ancient times. By using the Cardano blockchain we are making it cool again 

Wood Lords


Season One: Wood Lords 

 A collection of hand crafted Wood characters. Photographed in our studio, and brought to life with digital processing to ensure each Wood Lord art piece is unique.

Collection Size: 1000 NFTs (SOLD OUT)

Wood Castles

Season Two: Wood Castles

As we are committed to building our Wood Lords Universe, our next drop theme will be "Wood Castles". These new castles will be hosting the Lords & Ladies of Season One. We will be using new materials to bring in a fresh look!


Collection Size: N/A

Drop Time: Summer 2022


NFT Gallery (Season One)

In Season One we introduced 10 characters, each character has their own backstory. Every two Lords live in a castle with a total of 5 castles. Every castle has a theme. Season Two will build on top of these stories and themes.



First, we design every character on paper. Then, we carve the wood blocks by hand and photograph them. The photographed are then digitally modified into unique Wood Lords. We are aiming for the highest level of quality and simplicity for our #CardanoCommunity to enjoy. 

NFT Gallery


Most of the featured wooden pieces were collected from nature during our hikes or trips to the beach. You will see that the pieces are all unique shapes, carved by natural forces like the ocean and streams.


The main head blocks are sourced from local trees that were chopped down.



We carve wood, drink beer & write code! At Wood Castle studio we built a discord verification bot aka Cedar Bot for our server & now this bot is available for everyone to use (for free) 

Contact WoodLord#001 in discord for details

Airdrop: Treasures of Cardano

Airdrop was made by hand and painted by hand

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